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Our Team


The OXO Team

A group of close friends that came together looking to make a change in their communities.

Learn more about the team by clicking on the bios below.

Join our Team

Join our team

How can you join

Want to Join OXO?   We are looking for individuals who are passionate and dedicated to making an impact in their community. This is a big commitment, so we are looking for those who will invest the time and effort to make this movement possible. We are also looking for someone reliable, committed, and with prior experience working in teams. Someone with strong communication skills, a solid commitment to the brand's values, willingness to learn and have a growth mindset, not afraid to fail, and sociable both on and off-camera. Below are the three steps to joining OXO.

Step 1

Form Submission

Fill out this form telling us about yourself and what role in the group you would like to select (Community Leader or Community Keeper).

Fill This out

Step 2

We will reach out

We will go over the form and decided whether your skill-set fits a current need and get in contact with you

Step 3

Trial Run

We will bring you in for a three-month trial run to see how the dynamic is and if you fit with our team.

Step 4

Welcome to the Team

Once you pass the trial period, you'll be onboarded as a full fledged member of OXO.

With the OXO team we have a great dynamic of different backgrounds and cultures. I look forward to contuing to build our team and community by bringing in new ideas and view points from people who walk paths Ill never get to walk.

Jamal Bernardez (CEO/Co-Founder)

The OXO team has a wealth of diverse experiences that have set the foundations of the brand. While each member is unique in their own way, we share a common mission of empowering ourselves and our communities.

Wissem Bouali (CFO/Co-Founder)

OXO is a space to let our creative passions come to life , whether it’s through media, fashion, projects, we highly strive towards a team that has a passion and ambition to share those ideas and find original ways to push them forward.

Alex Ortega (Community Builder)

OXO team is also built on honest, open communication, and accountability. Building each other up, learning, and challenging thoughts to create new avenues and or improve previous qualities.

Mohamed Senussi (Community Keeper)