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Projects to Come

OXO is looking to engage in multiple different initiatives. We would love to engage with our community to collaborate on some of these initiatives. See our future initiatives below!

Educational Enrichment

Educational Opportunities

OXO plans to provide opportunities for our community members to educate themselves and acquire skills that would otherwise be difficult to access.

Sports and Physical Education

Community Sports and Play

OXO plans to provide a space for the community to access safe and fun sports activities and education.

Community Give Back

Community Compassion

Work with OXO to provide resources for those who need them. This could include toy and food drives, canned goods give away, or providing hygienic resources.


Amplifying voices in the Community

Partner with OXO to utilize cinematography to tell share the stories that can inspire and educate those in the community.

Access to Health and Wellness Resources

Empowerment through Health

Partner with OXO to provide community members access to health and wellness education and tools.

Interested in Collborating?

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