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Vision, Mission and Values

OXO's Vision

OXO's vision is to create a culture of self-development and community engagement to support every individual and their community reach their absolute potential. OXO hopes to actualize their vision through brand creation, storytelling, and multiple initiatives that promote individual and community growth.

OXO's Mission

Originality X Opportunity's (OXO) mission is to Empower people to be themselves and develop their unique identity and character with confidence and certainty.

We aspire to Cultivate the creativity and brilliance of every individual so that their uniqueness and originality become the means to achieving their opportunity.

Not only are they creating paths for themselves, but also Inspiring others through their own story. To this end, we aspire to promote our vision for development: the biggest impact on a community comes from its members within. 

OXO Core Values


Being true to yourself and what you believe


Compassion for others and making a difference in your community


Driven to reach heights that society may have told you were unachievable

Growth Mindset

The will to continue the process of growing through failure and success. Also, an openness to change and seeking knowledge on how to improve.

Pride in Oneself

Pride in what makes you YOU- including the community you come from.

However, never too prideful to embrace change, growth and learn from others.


Commitment to yourself, your community, and growth


Community development through collaboration and participation

Belief in Change

A genuine belief that a just and equitable society is achievable

Call To Action


Be willing to learn about the different people and cultures within your community through dialogue and observation

Inspire Others

Inspire others to take action by telling your story and by being a leader in your community

Community Engagement

Engage in your community by volunteering/donating to local non-profits and initiatives