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What is BASJS?

As part of OXO's Firm Belief in Opportunity for all, we also run a social media account by the name of Bay Area Social Justice Spotlight.  Spotlighting Bay Area social justice advocates, and non-profits to help them achieve their mission of supporting others and creating a more equal and just society. We encourage everyone to further research and learn more about everything we promote before donating or volunteering. Thank you for your support!


BASJS was started shortly after the killing of George Floyd in the Summer of 2020. The goal of the project was to highlight and empower non-profits that promoted social justice initiatives in our communities. We believe that groups that promote social good should be recognized and supported by the members of their communities. We seek to give these non-profits and social justice advocates a platform to share their missions, so that we may be able to support them, as well as to inspire others to get involved.

 To give a shout-out to a non-profit or view already posted organizations see the links below. ​​

What is Neighborhood Heroes?

BASJS is introducing the Neighborhood Heroes series, a project dedicated to spotlighting individuals who took the initiative to bring about change in their community and beyond. Our project aims to highlight the work of those we consider heroes and to encourage our community members to follow in their steps to enact change in their own communities. Our page will post a profile bi-monthly, introducing our hero and providing background on the work that they did. We will also link an article where you can continue to research the individual. Our mission is to recognize the work that is being done to help the people around us grow and reach their full potential.

 If you have suggestions for a hero we can highlight or look for a record of previous heroes that have been highlighted see below.

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