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Wissem Bouali



Wissem Bouali

Wissem is the CFO and one of the Co-founders of OXO. Born in Berkeley, CA to Algerian parents, Wissem grew up attending all Berkeley public schools, graduating from UC Berkeley in 2019 with a B.A. in Economics. Wissem currently works as a Financial Analyst for BART, and coaches soccer for several different organizations. His biggest “why” for starting OXO with Jamal is to create a culture that values uniqueness, Originality and self-growth, both at the individual and community level. 

Wissem Bouali


What is OXO to you?

OXO is a movement that seeks to empower individuals and community by educating people to invest in themselves and their growth. OXO inspires me to reflect in depth about who I am as a person and using the characteristics that are unique to me as the starting point for my growth and development. I see it as a movement that will inspire others to invest in their true selves, and in turn, lead to community development. 

What does it mean to empower yourself?

Empowering yourself requires a reflection on your current state and being honest in your review. Empowerment comes when you decide to take ownership of your life and take the first step towards positive change and development. When you empower yourself, you make a promise to become the best version of yourself, without sacrificing who you are as a person. I empower myself by surrounding myself with genuine individuals that I call family, who keep me accountable and remind me who I claim to be. 

What does it mean to cultivate yourself?

Cultivation is the grind- it is the action phase. I think of Cultivation as the training arc or scene in your movie, where you set out your plan and begin the process of growth. For me, Cultivation means investing in your growth. If Empowerment is planting the seed, Cultivation is watering and tilling the soil. Cultivation requires consistency and continuous reflection. I cultivate myself by putting myself in uncomfortable situations that force me to adapt and grow. An example of cultivating myself is advancing in my soccer coaching career by taking the head coaching role at the high school level, which exposed me to challenges and discomforts that I had to learn and grow from. This allowed me to grow as a coach and better serve the players I work with. 

What does Inspiration mean to you?

Inspiring others is using your story to motivate others to enact a positive change in their lives. Inspiration is done through Storytelling- When you invest in your story and truly work on sharing your story to others, you give others an opportunity to find their inspiration to empower themselves. When I coach soccer, or tutor students, I see my role as being an inspiration to the youth to reach their potential and strive to be the best version of themselves. 

How does ECI lead one to Originality and Opportunity?

The process of ECI leads to a genuine and original self- you are who you believe you are and have now actualized that vision. Originality is also the means to Opportunity- true success comes being true to itself and building on solid ground. 

How do our communities benefit from this?

By developing individuals who are Original and who inspire others, you create a more engaged community with resources and expertise being readily available to all. When you level up individuals, you level up the communities they are from. 

How have you displayed this in your own life?

I try to embody the values of OXO by staying true to my character and my way of living. I want to be the most genuine person I can, by being clear and transparent about my values and what I stand on. I also make sure that success in my life is based on who I am, rather than changing who I am to get there.