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Alexis "Alex" Ortega

Community Leader


Alexis Ortega

Alex, who was OXO's first member, takes on the role of Community Leader. He was born and raised in Berkeley, California to Mexican parents. He attended Berkeley High School where he graduated in 2015. He is a first generation college student and is the first in his family to have graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science. He received his degree in Civil Engineering from San Francisco State and works as a Project Engineer. Read below to learn more about Alex.  

Alexis Ortega

Community Leader

What is OXO to you?

OXO is not only a project, it is our story. It is our way to give back to our communities the things that have pushed us to not only be ourselves but to come together and bring new ideas to life and help support those around us. 

OXO is a creation of all our passions, all of our visions, and all our devotions. OXO is a movement that shines a light on the importance of owning oneself through our ORIGINALITY and taking advantage of every OPPORTUNITY set forth in our lives. OXO is my platform to share my ideas and my experiences with the world and to encourage every individual to help create a positive change in our lives and our communities. 

Through OXO, we hope to create the space for people to find themselves and work for the goals and dreams they have. Growing up, I was limited in my access to finances and knowledge of the different opportunities available to me. Whether it was school and college-related or even through my dreams of playing sports, I was held back from being able to fully participate in the goals that I had. Through OXO, we aspire to allow individuals to find that information and motivation to find themselves and make those dreams a reality. 

What does it mean to empower yourself?

Self-Empowerment is a process in which one takes charge of their own life and important decision-making that promotes personal growth and fulfillment. Self-Empowerment is about viewing every single moment as an Opportunity, rather than an obstacle. This includes building your self-confidence, setting your own goals, and developing your sense of purpose. It’s a process in which we take our own experiences and acquired knowledge, and we use that to further help get us to where we want to be personally and help reach our goals and ambitions. 

What does it mean to cultivate yourself?

Cultivating yourself is the next step in the process of self-development, self-growth, and the overall improvement of one’s mentality, physicality, and/or character. It is putting one’s conscious effort to better refine oneself to further grow our self-awareness, our wisdom, our compassion, and our inner peace. This process, to me, is a lifelong journey full of effort, persistence, patience, and one’s willingness to learn and grow to ultimately achieve one’s full potential.  

What does it mean to Inspire Others?

Inspiration is the way to leave our mark on our world and the community around us. This is personally my favorite step in the process of personal growth, as we not only look to empower and cultivate ourselves, but we help positively impact the world and people around us. It’s a process in which we work together and share our journeys to help motivate and challenge each other to reach our full potential. 

How does ECI lead one to Originality and Opportunity?

Through the process of ECI, we can pave the way to Originality and Opportunity. Empowerment, Cultivation, and Inspiration are steps we take to better understand ourselves, motivate ourselves, and promote self-development. Through this, we can find what makes us Original, and we learn to accept who we truly are.  This creates not only the Opportunity to see how we can further better ourselves, promoting self-growth, but it ultimately opens doors towards a better future for us and those around us. 

How do our communities benefit from this?

With the self-development of individuals, we can have a community filled with many diverse ideas and experiences. We all have ideas that can help shape and improve the world and community around us, and through this process, we can have individuals who have built the self-confidence and self-acceptance to share those Original ideas. Whether it’s to tackle problems or start up a new project, communities could ultimately grow as well opening up roads to opportunity and continuous growth for the future. 

How have you displayed this in your own life?

I’m personally on my own ECI  journey, as I continue to have an open mind on developing my interpersonal skills. I’ve always struggled with self-confidence and finding my original image growing up. Empowerment, Cultivation, and Inspiration have been and continue to be the backbone of my continued growth. From Empowering myself through working towards my set goals and Cultivating my mindset and beliefs, I look to Inspire those around me and my community. I strive to share my experiences and support the community that has shaped me into the person that I am today.