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Mohamed Senussi

Community Keeper


Mohamed Senussi

Mohamed is a Community Keeper of the OXO team. Born in Berkeley and raised in El Cerrito, the diverse and unique Bay Area community shaped who Mohamed is today. From playing soccer to collecting shoes, Mohamed was impacted by Bay Area culture. Mohamed is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in Economics.

Mohamed Senussi

Community Keeper

What is OXO to you?

OXO to me is a collective of unique individuals that are all bonded through mutual interests. To me, OXO is also more than just a brand and clothing line but an initiative to inspire people and your surroundings to get involved and be engaged with community.

What does it mean to empower yourself?

Empowering yourself comes from the desire to encourage yourself and encourage others. There’s always a reason to take control and set goals, that comes from being confident and instilling faith within yourself. I empower myself by staying consistent and setting goals , short and long term.

What does it mean to cultivate yourself?

Culitivate to me is repitition, working on something and improving. From shooting freethrows to practicing kickflips, culitivation is the building the process. I have always taken inspiration from Kobe Bryant and his work ethic, working hard Monday and repeating it Tuesday and so on. That is a process of cultivation I try to replicate.

What does it mean to Inspire Others?

To inspire other to me means to lead by example, stay true to character, and proritize what’s important to oneself. All 3 of these of these elements have allowed to me inspire others and myself.

How does ECI lead one to Originality and Opportunity?

ECI leads people to Originality and Opportunity because each component of ECI ( empower, cultivate, and inspire) is apart of everyone’s journey. As people we all embody these elements, we may not realize it but we work towards a goal. ECI at OXO is the process of one gaining a sense of unqiueness, everyone has their own story that’s crafted and that what makes them stand out. ECI at OXO is the process and creation of giving people the opportunity to bring that out.

How do our communities benefit from this?

We all have a strong identity to our community, this helps to reaffirm our values and beliefs. Our communities need us to work togther and build together, we can always do good in our communities and it starts from the connection with home base.

How have you displayed this in your own life?

I always try to do new things and learn more from others. I have been happy to connect people and share common actitives, its as simple as kick a ball around. That’s how I connect with people, learn from others, and grow.