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Be Original Drop

The Be Original drop is OXO’s second official clothing drop. Building off the last theme, the Be Original Drop focuses on the internal battle we face when it comes to becoming original. Self-development requires the process of empowerment, cultivation, and inspiration. Common themes you will find in the merchandise include our OXO logo, ECI, and Globe symbol representing our brand and current and future projects. 

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Be Original PoloBe Original Polo
Be Original Polo Sale price$40.00
Create Ya Space TeeCreate Ya Space Tee
Create Ya Space Tee Sale price$30.00
ECI HoodieECI Hoodie
ECI Hoodie Sale price$60.00
No Blueprint TeeNo Blueprint Tee
No Blueprint Tee Sale price$30.00
OXO BeanieOXO Beanie
OXO Beanie Sale price$20.00
The Inspire Others Cargo PantsThe Inspire Others Cargo Pants

About our Non-Profit Partner

Oakland Bloom

Oakland Bloom’s mission is to advance economic equity in the food industry. It aims to support poor and working-class refugee, immigrant, and BIPOC chefs to launch their own food businesses, and to reenvision and reshape what a healthy and just food service industry could look like. It pursues these aims through its Open Test Kitchen food incubator program, and its Detoxify the Industry program, developing people powered cooperative food business models that embody community principles and values.

Inspire to Help More?

Visit the links below to get involved with Oakland Bloom Beyond Clothing

Merch Essentials

Remember these essentials

Pledge X

10% of merchandise sales will support our local non-profit partner, Oakland Bloom, who is bridging gaps for underprivileged communities.


All of our clothing is unisex. OXO strives to create clothing that promotes inclusivity. We chose unisex clothing to symbolize that our mission and values apply to people of all backgrounds.


We are now offering a pick up option for merchandise orders. Come meet the OXO team when picking up your merchandise and learn more about the brand and the people behind it.


Follow us on social media to learn more about the brand. Tag us in photos of you wearing the clothing or interacting with the brand. Scan the red QR code!